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2018 7 July

Summer - 2018

Holy shit it's been awhile. scratches head so uh, yeah I've been busy: job change, a lot of traveling, moved house. But I'm still here, the blog's still here, and hopefully, now that things have settled down a bit, I'll get back to regular playlists! 'preciate your patience.

2018 02 14 Valentines Day

Valentine's Day - 2018

Put this on or just play Pony on repeat. Your call.

2017 7 July

July - 2017

Can you believe it's been a year? Well you better.

2017 6 May June

May // June - 2017

We're back with a few extra jams to make up for our recent absence. Your patience is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy this holiday weekend with these great tunes.

2017 4 April

April - 2017

Daye Jack's No Data is on summer jam watch. There's a new Gorillaz album! I decided to feature the track with island vibes along side WizKid & Drake's Come Closer. Honestly, I could live without Drake; it's WizKid that's the draw for me (shoutout to Stephina). Gerald Clayton, a talented jazz pianist I happened to attend undergrad with, has a new album and if you really want to challenge your modern jazz appreciation, I recommend the whole thing. I think my favorite find of the month has to be Jeb Loy Nichols. This country/soul/blues veteran, based in Wales of all places, has some pretty groovy stuff. It's hard to put his music in one category but his new album is another I recommend you check out.

2017 3 March

March - 2017

Listen to the way everything sits behind the groove in Bastien Keb's Pick Up. By letting some instruments hit just behind the beat, it gives the entire song a laid back vibe. Listen how the cross-stick (that's when the drummer hits the rim of the snare instead of the head) in Verbal Intercourse by El Michels Affair contrasts with every other instrument in the song. The reverb gives adds space while everything else appears to be close. Just a touch of 3D sound. Set the tone for your weekend day with the disco funk of Dopamine by Franc Moody. That's some high-octane groovin'. Sango takes the street sounds of Carioca Funk (a Brazilian genre of music that only favela dwellers can appreciate) and mixes it with chill sounds for an interesting combination. 

2017 2 February

February - 2017

I think you should listen to this week's playlist it's got some good stuff I swear. Por ejemplo, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, one of the best live performers I've even seen, has a new album out and a track with Cory Henry is featured on the playlist. Also, Oumou Sangaré's new track with legendary Afro-beat drummer Tony Allen. If that groove doesn't make you want to dance, check your pulse. Lastly, I'll highlight The Teskey Brothers, some blue-eyed blues coming straight outta nowhere.

2017 1 January

January - 2017

After taking a weeks vacation and dedicating a lot more of my free time to a bunch of new year resolution bullshit like working out and learning things, I was worried I might not come through with any jams this month. But being the good soulja I am, I made up for lost time and dug up a few gems. I mighta missed a few though so let me know if you've found anything worthy.

2016 12 December

December - 2016

Barely a week left in the year of our lawd 2016. Read any good end of year best-of lists? Hahaha jk, I do not care!

2016 11 November

November - 2016

The person I was when I wrote the last one of these feels like a much younger, more naive, & hopeful person. It's been a rough three weeks and I wish I could say "it's gonna get better." But in all honesty, I'm not convinced it will. At the very least, it will get worse before it gets better. I know a lot of people keep saying what a terrible year 2016 has been but in reality, it's been a rough couple years (decades?).

2016 10 October

October - 2016

I would have made a Spinal Tap reference with the headline if that joke wasn't already tired and terribly unfunny. So instead, I made a headline that is void of any meaning or cleverness. Thankfully, you don't subscribe for the writing. 

2016 09 September

September - 2016

I know we often listen to music as background noise to whatever else we got going on but take some time this month to turn up some loud music and just stare at a wall or dance. You'll thank me later.

2016 08 August

August - 2016

Oh hey everyone. Welcome. I got a solid 10 tracks for ya. Something new from Sub Pop and something new from Daptone. There's also a new single from Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak (who's album Malibu is tremendous if you haven't heard it). The accompanying video is great and, like last month, features a jacket I want.

2016 07 July

July - 2016

We've a few tracks from some stellar summer releases including Eric Krasno's Blood From a Stone, Michael Kiwanuka's Love & Hate, and Apache by Aaron Neville. Yes, that Aaron Neville. All three complete albums are highly recommended.



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