Good music enriches our lives.

Cafuné Cafe is not going to replace your current music discovery methods. We're going to augment them. We're going to do it for free, we're going to come to you, and our product will always have a human touch. Once a month, we will send a curated playlist of new music to your inbox. No accounts or logins required.

No over-the-top comparisons, rankings, or ratings. Just a list of good songs.

A Note About Money

As if our access to the world's catalog of recorded music wasn't impressive, we have mostly free access to it, depending on your tolerance for ads.

Music, and art in general, is as expensive to produce as it is difficult. And the general public's reluctance to pay for it makes it an increasingly harder thing to profit from. While technology has made it easier than ever to produce and distribute a piece of recorded music, the resources required to pull off the hits we enjoy every day are still massive. The music industry at large is not just an economy, it's an ecosystem. Purchasing music is the best way to encourage the production of more of it. The music ecosystem thanks you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?
Of course.

How do you make money?
Well, we don't really. Let us know if you'd like to sponsor a playlist.

Are the songs safe for my child's pure ears?
Fuck no.

Why a Youtube playlist? Can you make a < insert other service > playlist instead?
Youtube, while not a traditional streaming service, is the most prevalent platform. We also try to include Spotify links to playlists. But yes, we can potentially create links for your preferred platform as well. Let us know on our twitter and we'll look into it.

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