2016 10 October

October - 2016

I would have made a Spinal Tap reference with the headline if that joke wasn't already tired and terribly unfunny. So instead, I made a headline that is void of any meaning or cleverness. Thankfully, you don't subscribe for the writing. 

Wait, these emails don't go out on Sundays anymore? No they don't but I'm impressed you noticed. As it turns out, #NewMusicFriday is a thing. At least it is on Spotify. I'm fairly certain it was Tuesdays back when Rdio was still around. Regardless, it makes more sense to send this thing out on day when you're actually online and checking email. We all know that ain't Sundays. So here's a soundtrack while you pretend to work.

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To The Music

As you've likely noticed, I have eclectic taste in music. Good music comes from many places in many forms and I won't hold back a track strictly due to style or genre.

If your listening habits tend to be sourced from a more narrow funnel, you're likely to find some songs, well, difficult to digest. But honestly, the more adventurous songs I share are the ones I want you to hear the most. 

This month's most adventurous artist: Robert Glasper Experiment. Robert Glasper has a new album titled Art Science that does well to show off his genre-bending prowess. Across several albums, he's combined elements of jazz, hip-hop, and R&B in a way that somehow makes pop music feel sophisticated and jazz seem hip & approachable. If that's not enough, the Experiment includes some of the most talented jazz players in the modern game including Mark Colenburg, a truly awesome drummer. Check out this great Billboard piece on the connection between the modern jazz scene, including Robert, and Kendrick Lamar. If you're free in Seattle on December 14, come join me at his show at the Neptune.

You know how every online dating profile says they're into "all kinds of music except gangsta rap and country"? Well if you're one of those people, I consider it part of my mission to convert you into someone who likes all kinds of music, especially gangsta rap and country. So to help with that, I've included a track from Brent Cobb's debut album, Shine On Rainy Day. Don't worry, this isn't at all that pop country we've all come to despise. This is classic, visceral, heart-breaking twang that when you close your eyes, places you in a smokey small-town saloon.

“Ain’t it funny how a little thunder will make a man start to wonder, should he swim or just go under?”

Brent Cobb ain't no joke. 

Enjoy 51 minutes of good music.
  1. Sam Evian - I Need a Man
  2. Sunday - Only
  3. Drakkar Nowhere - Higher Now
  4. The Growlers - I'll Be Around
  5. Hanni El Khatib - Gun Clap Hero
  6. Danny Brown - Pneumonia
  7. Mark Pritchard ft. Thom Yorke - Beautiful People
  8. Y La Bamba - Ojos Del Sol
  9. Robert Glasper Experiment - Tell Me A Bedtime Story
  10. Luke Winslow-King - I'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always
  11. Brent Cobb - Black Crow

Spotify playlist

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I know we often listen to music as background noise to whatever else we got going on but take some time this month to turn up some loud music and just stare at a wall or dance. You'll thank me later.