2017 2 February

February - 2017

I think you should listen to this week's playlist it's got some good stuff I swear. Por ejemplo, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, one of the best live performers I've even seen, has a new album out and a track with Cory Henry is featured on the playlist. Also, Oumou Sangaré's new track with legendary Afro-beat drummer Tony Allen. If that groove doesn't make you want to dance, check your pulse. Lastly, I'll highlight The Teskey Brothers, some blue-eyed blues coming straight outta nowhere.

Hope the music carries you through unseasonably warm weather that's both enjoyable and frightening!

Enjoy 42 minutes of good music.
  1. Cafe Tacvba - Futuro
  2. sir Was - In the Midst
  3. Otzeki - All This Time
  4. Stone Foundation - Strange People
  5. Oumou Sangaré ft. Tony Allen - Yere faga
  6. Jungle Fire - Callejero
  7. Luu - Don't Like You I Love You (Spotify Only)
  8. The Teskey Brothers - Pain and Misery
  9. Robert Randolph & The Family Band ft. Cory Henry - I Thank You
  10. Anna Wise - Some Mistakes

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January - 2017

After taking a weeks vacation and dedicating a lot more of my free time to a bunch of new year resolution bullshit like working out and learning things, I was worried I might not come through with any jams this month. But being the good soulja I am, I made up for lost time and dug up a few gems. I mighta missed a few though so let me know if you've found anything worthy.