2017 3 March

March - 2017

Listen to the way everything sits behind the groove in Bastien Keb's Pick Up. By letting some instruments hit just behind the beat, it gives the entire song a laid back vibe. Listen how the cross-stick (that's when the drummer hits the rim of the snare instead of the head) in Verbal Intercourse by El Michels Affair contrasts with every other instrument in the song. The reverb gives adds space while everything else appears to be close. Just a touch of 3D sound. Set the tone for your weekend day with the disco funk of Dopamine by Franc Moody. That's some high-octane groovin'. Sango takes the street sounds of Carioca Funk (a Brazilian genre of music that only favela dwellers can appreciate) and mixes it with chill sounds for an interesting combination. 

Enjoy 39 minutes of good music.
  1. Franc Moody - Dopamine
  2. Bastien Keb - Pick Up
  3. Jalen N'Gonda - Why I Try
  4. El Michels Affair - Verbal Intercourse
  5. Steve Lacy - Dark Red
  6. Rayland Baxter - Mother, Mother (Luck Mansion Sessions)
  7. Smino - Maraca
  8. Les Amazones d'Afrique - Dombolo
  9. Sango - Vista da Gávea
  10. Otis Junior - The Ballad
  11. Moonchild - Cure

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February - 2017

I think you should listen to this week's playlist it's got some good stuff I swear. Por ejemplo, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, one of the best live performers I've even seen, has a new album out and a track with Cory Henry is featured on the playlist. Also, Oumou Sangaré's new track with legendary Afro-beat drummer Tony Allen. If that groove doesn't make you want to dance, check your pulse. Lastly, I'll highlight The Teskey Brothers, some blue-eyed blues coming straight outta nowhere.