2017 4 April

April - 2017

Daye Jack's No Data is on summer jam watch. There's a new Gorillaz album! I decided to feature the track with island vibes along side WizKid & Drake's Come Closer. Honestly, I could live without Drake; it's WizKid that's the draw for me (shoutout to Stephina). Gerald Clayton, a talented jazz pianist I happened to attend undergrad with, has a new album and if you really want to challenge your modern jazz appreciation, I recommend the whole thing. I think my favorite find of the month has to be Jeb Loy Nichols. This country/soul/blues veteran, based in Wales of all places, has some pretty groovy stuff. It's hard to put his music in one category but his new album is another I recommend you check out.

Have a great weekend y’all!

Enjoy 40 minutes of good music.
  1. Daye Jack - No Data
  2. lojii & Swarvy - northern organix
  3. Gorillaz - Saturn Barz
  4. Celeste - Chocolate
  5. FKJ - Joy
  6. Somi - Black Enough
  7. Gerald Clayton - A Light
  8. New Venusians - Keep Running
  9. Lord Echo - Makossa No. 3
  10. Jeb Loy Nichols - That's How We're Living
  11. Little Hurricane - Isn't It Great
  12. WizKid ft. Drake - Come Closer

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March - 2017

Listen to the way everything sits behind the groove in Bastien Keb's Pick Up. By letting some instruments hit just behind the beat, it gives the entire song a laid back vibe. Listen how the cross-stick (that's when the drummer hits the rim of the snare instead of the head) in Verbal Intercourse by El Michels Affair contrasts with every other instrument in the song. The reverb gives adds space while everything else appears to be close. Just a touch of 3D sound. Set the tone for your weekend day with the disco funk of Dopamine by Franc Moody. That's some high-octane groovin'. Sango takes the street sounds of Carioca Funk (a Brazilian genre of music that only favela dwellers can appreciate) and mixes it with chill sounds for an interesting combination.