2018 7 July

Summer - 2018

Holy shit it's been awhile. scratches head so uh, yeah I've been busy: job change, a lot of traveling, moved house. But I'm still here, the blog's still here, and hopefully, now that things have settled down a bit, I'll get back to regular playlists! 'preciate your patience.

Whether or not you're feeling patriotic this week, I hope you find sometime to enjoy some summer sun with good music. I gave the New Music playlist a complete transfusion with tunes I've been enjoying as of late.

But I didn't want to just come up here with only a New Music playlist and act like it's cool I disappeared for damn near a year. So to spice things up a bit, I've started working on other kinds of playlists, namely genre, rather than release date, specific ones.

Contrary to what you might be used to from the New Music playlist, the first few genre playlists might be something your dad would enjoy. Classic & modern jazz playlists will help you either impress your dinner guests or, if nothing else, help cleanse your aural palate. I'm also releasing an Electric Blues playlist, perfect for putting on the juke at your smokey roadhouse saloon, a style of place I'm sure many of you frequent. Neither of these lists are especially meaningful other in any way other than the fact that they are the tunes that make me love these genres. These artists are true masters!

Those playlists will evolve over time but they're not meant to be completely turned over regularly if ever.

Thanks again for being patient and subscribing!

I hope you enjoy an entire summer of good music.

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